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I read them in the intervals between study and <strong><a href="">Herve Leger Outlet</a></strong> play with an ever-deepening sense of pleasure. I did not study nor analyze them–I did not know whether they were well written or not; I never thought about style or authorship. They laid their treasures at my feet, and I accepted them as we accept the sunshine and the love of our friends.</p>
<p>I loved “Little Women” because it gave <strong> <a href="">Herve Leger Gowns</a></strong> me a sense of kinship with girls and boys who could see and hear. Circumscribed as my life was in so many ways, I had to look between the covers of books for news of the world that lay outside my own. I did not care especially for “The Pilgrim’s Progress,” which I think I did not finish, or for the “Fables.” I read La Fontaine’s “Fables” first in an English translation, and enjoyed them only<strong><a href=""> Herve Leger Dress Sale</a></strong>&nbsp; after a half-hearted fashion.</p>
<p>Later I read the book again in French, and I found that, in spite of the vivid word-pictures, and the wonderful mastery of language, I liked it no better. I do not know why it is, but stories in which animals are made to talk and act like human beings have never appealed to me very strongly. The ludicrous caricatures of the animals occupy my mind to<a href=""><strong> Herve Leger Crystal-embellished bandage dress chocolate</strong></a>&nbsp; the exclusion of the moral.

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Herve Leger Clothing September 24th, 2012

Then, again, La Fontaine seldom, <strong><a href="">Herve Leger Clothing</a></strong> f ever, appeals to our highest moral sense. The highest chords he strikes are those of reason and self-love. Through all the fables runs the thought that man’s morality springs wholly from self-love, and that if that self-love is directed and restrained by reason, happiness must follow.</p>
<p>Now, so far as I can judge, self-love is the root <strong> <a href="">Herve Leger Round Neck Dress</a></strong> of all evil; but, of course, I may be wrong, for La Fontaine had greater opportunities of observing men than I am likely ever to have. I do not object so much to the cynical and satirical fables as to those in which momentous truths are taught by monkeys and foxes. But I love “The Jungle Book” and “Wild Animals I Have Known.” I feel a genuine interest in the animals themselves, because they are real animals and <strong> <a href="">Dress Herve Leger</a></strong> not caricatures of men.</p>
<p>One sympathizes with their loves and hatreds, laughs over their comedies, and weeps over their tragedies. And if they point a moral, it is so subtle that we are not conscious of it. My mind opened naturally and joyously to a conception of antiquity. Greece, ancient Greece, exercised a mysterious<a href=""><strong> Herve Leger Isabelle bandage dress purple</strong></a>&nbsp; fascination over me.

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Jimmy Choo Outlet more than any one else September 24th, 2012

Mr. Charles Townsend Copeland,<strong> <a href="">Jimmy Choo Outlet</a></strong>&nbsp; more than any one else I have had until this year, brings before you literature in all its original freshness and power. For one short hour you are permitted to drink in the eternal beauty of the old masters without needless interpretation or exposition. You revel in their fine thoughts.</p>
<p>You enjoy with all your soul the sweet <strong> <a href="">Jimmy Choo Pumps Discount</a></strong> thunder of the Old Testament, forgetting the existence of Jahweh and Elohim; and you go home feeling that you have had “a glimpse of that perfection in which spirit and form dwell in immortal harmony; truth and beauty bearing a new growth on the ancient stem of time.”This year is the happiest because I am studying subjects that especially interest me, economics, Elizabethan literature, Shakespeare under Professor George L. Kittredge, and the History of Philosophy <strong> <a href="">Jimmy Choo Sandals Clearance</a></strong> under Professor Josiah Royce.</p>
<p>Through philosophy one enters with sympathy of comprehension into the traditions of remote ages and other modes of thought, which erewhile seemed alien and without reason.But college is not the universal Athens I thought it was. There one does not meet the great and the wise face to face; one does not even <a href=""><strong>Herve Leger Round-Neck Bandage Dress pink and white</strong></a> feel their living touch.

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Jimmy Choo Outlet mummified

They are there, it is true; but they seem <strong> <a href="">Jimmy Choo Outlet</a></strong> mummified. We must extract them from the crannied wall of learning and dissect and analyze them before we can be sure that we have a Milton or an Isaiah, and not merely a clever imitation. Many scholars forget, it seems to me, that our enjoyment of the great works of literature depends more upon the depth of our sympathy than upon our understanding.</p>
<p>The trouble is that very few of their <strong> <a href="">Jimmy Choo Wedges Replica</a></strong> laborious explanations stick in the memory. The mind drops them as a branch drops its overripe fruit. It is possible to know a flower, root and stem and all, and all the processes of growth, and yet to have no appreciation of the flower fresh bathed in heaven’s dew. Again and again I ask impatiently, “Why concern myself with these explanations and hypotheses?” They fly hither and thither in my thought like blind birds beating the air with<strong> <a href="">Manolo Blahnik Clearance</a></strong>&nbsp; ineffectual wings.</p>
<p>I do not mean to object to a thorough knowledge of the famous works we read. I object only to the interminable comments and bewildering criticisms that teach but one thing: there are as many opinions as there are men. But when a great scholar like Professor Kittredge interprets what the master said, it is “as if new sight were given the blind.” He brings back <a href=""><strong>Herve Leger Crystal-embellished bandage dress chocolate</strong></a> Shakespeare, the poet.

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Michael Kors Bags Factory shop and I shall

I read “King Lear” soon after “Macbeth,” <strong><a href="">Michael Kors Bags Factory shop</a></strong> and I shall never forget the feeling of horror when I came to the scene in which Gloster’s eyes are put out. Anger seized me, my fingers refused to move, I sat rigid for one long moment, the blood throbbing in my temples, and all the hatred that a child can feel concentrated in my heart.</p>
<p>I must have made the acquaintance of Shylock <strong> <a href="">Michael Kors bags Online sale</a></strong> and Satan about the same time, for the two characters were long associated in my mind. I remember that I was sorry for them. I felt vaguely that they could not be good even if they wished to, because no one seemed willing to help them or to give them a fair chance. Even now I cannot find it in my heart to condemn them utterly. There are moments when I feel that the Shylocks, the Judases, and even the Devil, are broken spokes in the great wheel of good which shall in<br>
<strong> <a href="">Michael Kors discount bags</a></strong> due time be made whole.</p>
<p>It seems strange that my first reading of Shakespeare should have left me so many unpleasant memories. The bright, gentle, fanciful plays–the ones I like best now–appear not to have impressed me at first, perhaps because they reflected the habitual sunshine <a href=""><strong>Michael Kors Classic Shoulder Bags Multi White</strong></a> and gaiety of a child’s life.

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